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Feel the difference in a massage at Genesis Day Spa and Salon. Massages are available with various pressures and include essential oils specially blended to provide key aromatherapy benefits. Couples room available upon request.



SWEDISH MASSAGE - $25 (30 MINS) $49 (55 MINS) $74 (80 MINS)

This massage is the ultimate in relaxing and pampering your body with mild pressure. Swedish massage employs gentle but firm manipulation of pressure points and muscles that is great for muscle tension and relief from stress.

DEEP TISSUE - $35 (30 MINS) $69 (55 MINS) $105 (80 MINS)

Deep concentrated pressure used to release chronic muscle tension. This massage focuses on relieving knots through slower strokes applied across the grain of the muscle.


A technique using quick and vigorous strokes, including deep tissue pressure and stretching on localized body parts where a specific activity may have caused exertion and muscle tightness.


For the "mother to be", this massage is designed to specifically and safely relieve stress and muscle tightness due to pregnancy tension. Reduces your stress and promotes total body relaxation for you and the baby.

HOT STONE MASSAGE - $79 (55 MINS) $105 (80 MINS)

The use of warm volcanic stones immediately relieves sore muscles, aches and pains. Heated stones, applied with moderate pressure, have therapeutic qualities such as stimulating, detoxifying and alleviating tension.

REFLEXOLOGY - Check back soon!

Ancient acupressure is applied on focused reflex points on the feet that correspond with specific body organs. Feel your entire body relax with this specialized foot massage.


20 minutes of steam increases blood flow bringing vital nutrients to skin and subcutaneous tissue, stimulating cellular activity and growth. This loosens the muscles and prepares them for a deeper and more relaxing massage.